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Welcome to the official UK site for Crazy Time, an extremely vibrant and energetic live game by Evolution Gaming. Have all the game mechanics and bonus round questions answered here, and take your first step into the Crazy Time casino game. This website will be your starting point for activating the Crazy Time for real money at the top GB online casinos.

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How to Play Crazy Time Live: Main Rules

The Crazy Time wheel contains 54 segments on which the player is invited to make a bet. Here, you make a simple choice of 1-2-5-10 or take your chance with one of Evolution Gaming's four thrilling bonus rounds.

The playing concept is this: At the start of each round, you are to stake any quantity of money you like and guess where the wheel will stop when it eventually spins. The aim? To guess the stopping segment. Remember, every number gives varying odds and payouts. For instance, betting with the number 1 will give you 39% of a bet that can return 50x your stake. How about number 2? Here, odds still give you even higher, at 29%, but now the Crazy Time bet considerably jumps out to pay 100x what you bet. The stakes go higher: Numbers 5 and 10 offer a payout of 250 and 500 times your stake, though with slimmer chances of winning.

The sport boasts an impressive Return to Player (RTP) rate of 96.08%, surpassing industry standards. Bet sizes vary, ranging from a low of £0.10 available for those not wanting to take much risk to pretty intense bets of £5,000 for the more hardcore players. But with a maximum in-game win of £500,000, the diversion is a bit of a rush in and of itself. Plus, every wager you make carries a 1 in 6 chance of launching the bonus, making every spin feel insane.

Bonus Rounds in Crazy Time

The bonus features leave out the adrenaline even more associated with CrazyTime, making it a must-have for any casino freak from the United Kingdom. They include the following:

Main Bonus Round

The fun begins in this main activity, where the lavish Top Slot shares the stage with the main money wheel. The pastime generates a random multiplier value for a random bet spot in every game round. If the multiplier from the Top Crazy Time Slot is on your bet spot, that could take your win straight up to the stratosphere, based on when and where that main wheel lands.

Coin Flip Bonus Round

In this next bonus activity, destiny will sit on either side of a coin flip to decide your fate. A two-color, red-and-blue coin will yield the decision on your multiplier. The suspense is built on your potential win, with both sides' multiplier values attached.

Cash Hunt Bonus Round

In Cash Hunt, players choose a digital shooting gallery where prizes of up to 108 multipliers are concealed among the myriad hidden symbols. Once the hands of the clock reach zero, a countdown clock starts, and players begin shooting their chosen target, finally revealing their prize. This choice leads every player to a different outcome.

Pachinko Bonus Round

Here, the puck is dropped down a maze of pegs and will land in one of the multipliers, possibly getting doubled for an even more imaginative reward. The multiplier value keeps building onto the diversion as it continues until a multiplier is won, and it can go up to 10,000x.

Bonus Round Crazy Time

The bonus is a major wheel set within a virtual world. Choose a flapper, blue, green, or yellow, and keep track of where the point is on that mammoth wheel. Here, multipliers are either 2 or 3X, plus the wheel can be spun once again for another multiplication of the winnings, this time up to an incredible 20,000X.

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